Toshiko Muto – Resume

Internationally recognized cartoonist for magazines, books, merchandise, television and family entertainment centers.

      • American cartoonist and illustrator for shows, television and entertainment parks with two major U.S. entertainment companies and for a book published by the largest American greeting card company.
      • Leading female cartoonist in Japan. Cartoons and essays published in popular weekly magazine, “Ladies only” and displayed on merchandise produced and marketed by major Japanese manufacturing companies.
      • Guest of Cuban government through international exchange program and awarded medal as “Honorable Cartoonist”. Recognized by largest Egyptian international newspaper and by Japan American Society of Southern California as foremost woman cartoonist.

Creative individual who expresses love of life, beauty, humor, and adventure through artistic design and illustration. Develops ideas, talents and artistic skills to attain highest professional standard.


WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS, Burbank, California 1974 – 1982
Show Designer – WED Enterprises 1975 – 1982
Designed mural map of “Hospitality House” and souvenir map for Tokyo
Disneyland, Japan.
Disney EPCOT Center, Florida

      • Japan Pavilion – a $23 million dollar project. Researched and developed pavilions artistic concept and made three dimensional models. Sketched story for film commercial for Japan Airlines. Designed concept of shopping mall for Mitsukoshi.
      • Kodak “Journey Into Imagination” pavilion. Designed mural 17 feet high by 135 feet long.

Story Sketched Artist – Walt Disney Studios 1974 – 1975
Developed character and story for Disney’s Christmas television story, “Small One”.

HANNA BARBERA, Hollywood, California 1972 – 1974
Motion Picture Cartoonist